Culinary treasures in the heart of Silesia. Get to know the ranking "The best restaurant in Katowice"

The best restaurant in Katowice amfora


15 listopada, 2023

By rating restaurants and sharing their reviews, customers help others choose the best place for lunch, dinner or meeting friends. In this text, we present the "Best restaurant in Katowice" ranking based on Google ratings and opinions.

In today's busy world, preparing meals can be time-consuming. Eating in restaurants allows you to save time that can be spent on other activities, socializing or rest. Katowice is a city teeming with life, and restaurants regularly organize unique culinary and artistic events. Theme evenings, tastings, or meetings with chefs - each visit is a chance for new experiences.

The best restaurant in Katowice

In Katowice, tradition meets modernity. Restaurants often experiment with different concepts, presenting innovative approaches to food preparation. This is a great opportunity to taste something new and unexpected. Cozy interiors, carefully selected music and the hospitality of the staff create a unique atmosphere that makes you want to come back.

Ranking of the best restaurants in Katowice

The "Best restaurant in Katowice" ranking was based on the rating and opinions from Google. Get to know the criteria that concern consumers and which meet the criteria of the competition - 4.7 stars and more.

  • 8 Stolików - Rated 4,8 out of 1588 reviews

An intimate restaurant serving hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as snacks and coffee. A place with a great atmosphere. Delicious food, beautifully presented. Very nice staff, very nice interior.


Katowice, Jagiellońska 16/1

Phone: 511 611 874

  • Restauracja Tatiana - Rated 4,7 out of 3116 reviews

A classic restaurant with a rustic decor serving local dishes such as meat dishes, dumplings and soups. Tasty, exquisitely presented dishes, good wines and very nice and professional service.


Katowice, Staromiejska 5

Phone: 666 524 475

  • Śląska Prohibicja - Rated 4,7 out of 5213 reviews

A stylish, spacious restaurant with a terrace in the Nikiszowiec district of Katowice, offering creative versions of traditional dishes. Dark wooden furniture, subdued lighting and refined details add unique charm to the place.


Katowice, Krawczyka 1

Phone: 32 723 28 99

  • Restauracja W Punkt – Rated 4,9 out of 362 reviews

"A beautifully decorated restaurant, with calm music in the background, the service is at the highest level and the food is very good", "Everything is on point in this place, from the decor through the waiter service to the food" - this is how its customers most often describe the restaurant.


Katowice, Młyńska 19

Phone: 517 653 189

  • Synergia.dobremiejsce – Rated 4,7 out of 2056 reviews

A cafe with a side dish of food. Delicious coffee of the highest quality, prepared by professionals who are happy to talk about it. Delicious cakes and sandwiches.


Katowice, Andrzeja 29/2

Phone: 502 930 253

  • Okiem i Brzuchem – Rated 4,9 out of 841 reviews

The interior is cozy and atmospheric. The food is fresh, made of good quality ingredients and well prepared. The delicious soups served here deserve special attention. 


Katowice, Tadeusza Kościuszki 18

Phone: 695 738 722

  • FALLA Katowice – Rated 4,7 out of 1078 reviews

A plant-based restaurant with elegant interiors and a patio serving Mediterranean and Asian fusion dishes. Even non-vegetarians will find something for themselves. Very nice and competent service. The food was tasty, nicely presented. Seasonal card available. 


Katowice, Plebiscytowa 10

Phone: 884 805 205

  • Pod Drewnianym Bocianem – Rated 4,7 out of 2547 reviews

A family restaurant chain with over 25 years of tradition. It offers both thin, flaky crust pizza and other Italian and traditional dishes. Cozy atmosphere, family atmosphere, high quality ingredients. 


Katowice, Gliwicka 49

Phone: 532 532 222

  • Mój Kaprys - Resto Bar - Rated 4,8 out of 444 reviews

The place is inconspicuous from the outside, cozy inside. Good home-made food - large portions, friendly service and affordable prices. Child-friendly place: children's corner and a shelf with games.


Katowice, Jana Kochanowskiego 10

Phone: 792 732 110

  • Złoty Osioł – Rated 4,7 out of 5922 reviews

An intimate place with counter service and a daily changing menu of international-style vegetarian dishes. Delicious and inexpensive food. 


Katowice, Mariacka 1

Phone: 32 253 01 13

  • Amfora Restaurant & Cocktail Bar – Rated 4,7 out of 1131 reviews

A restaurant with a terrace full of positive energy, serving Middle Eastern cuisine and cocktails. Great lunch deal. A place with a unique atmosphere and decor. 


Katowice, Francuska 1a

Phone: 32 253 56 04

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The best restaurant in Katowice 8 stolikow

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